Floatation Pool

Our Dead Sea Salt floatation pool is a spa treatment that allows you to float naturally and spontaneously without conscious effort. Floatation Therapy was developed for you to achieve the ultimate state of deep relaxation whilst the high concentration of Dead Sea minerals in the water help to deeply nourish the skin and promote a healthy, hydrated complexion. Swimsuit required.- 85 (per session)

The benefits of floatation are holistic, long-term and cumulative - every time you float you reinforce the health benefits of the relaxation response. In the pool, your mind and body "learns" what true relaxation feels like, a skill it will not forget. What happens to my body as I relax? Floatation helps to release deep muscular tension, which is often unconsciously locked up in our body; this starts a chain reaction that spreads through the body to every organ, tissue and cell. Blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and oxygen consumption (cell metabolism) are reduced to healthy levels. Harmful stress related hormones such as cortisol are reduced in the blood stream, enhancing emotional well being. The level of T-cells rises in the blood stream, strengthening the immune system. The brain releases a large amount of endorphins as it relaxes deeply into the theta state, relieving fatigue and chronic pain.

What is Theta...?
We momentarily pass through theta state as we fall asleep every night. Theta is associated with deep learning abilities and conscious control of normally unconscious functions of the mind and body. It is this state of mind that can be reached through deep meditation and you spend most of your floatation session in theta. This is accompanied by a subtle shift in awareness - and brain activity - from the dominant "left-brain" (logical, analytical, detailed) to the "right-brain" (creative, large-scale). This shift of awareness improves the brain's ability to understand, reason and process thought.















The Floatation Pool at ARUNA SPA is 13' in diameter and can easily accommodate two people. One Floatation Pool session is 60 minutes.












FLOATATION POOL (60 min) - 85 


FLOATATION POOL reserved for 2 guests (60 min) - 160  






FLOATATION POOL reserved for 3 guests(60 min) - 180





FLOATATION POOL reserved for 1 guest requiring a lift to enter the pool (Guests need to bring their own assistant) - 350 




Enjoy 4 sessions to use at your convenience. Sessions are transferrable. 












Series of 4 - 320


Please print and fill out the Floatation Pool Questionnaire/Safety Agreement  prior to booking an appointment.

Pool as featured in Kron 4's Best of Bay: Aruna's Flotation Pool